Zoom’s new subscription makes it an even better team collaboration service

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Zoom has become one of the most widely used video conferencing platforms during the pandemic. However, it is no longer just an app that helps you stay connected with your team at work or your loved ones. We can now safely say that Zoom is more of a team collaboration service than before. The company recently announced its new subscription, Zoom One, which combines “persistent chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard and more” into one package (via USA Health Reports)Zoom One is divided into six levels. The first is Zoom One Basic, which is free to use and offers 40-minute Zoom meetings with a maximum of 100 participants. With this level, you also get permanent Zoom Chat and 3 editable Zoom Whiteboards with 25MB of cloud storage, which is basically a virtual canvas for team brainstorming and collaboration.

The next plan is Zoom One Pro, which includes more chat options, such as separate channels and file sharing, plus all the other features of Zoom One Basic. Meeting attendance is still limited to a maximum of 100 people, but with no time limit. Subscribers now have the option to record their sessions with 5GB of cloud storage per license added to the account. † The annual price is $149.90 or $14.99 per month per user.

Next up on the ladder is Zoom One Business. Here you have everything the previous plan has, but in this tier the participant limit goes up to 300 and you receive unlimited Zoom Whiteboards. The price here is $199.90 per year or $19.99 per month per user.

Next comes Zoom One Business Plus. Again, you will receive additional cloud recording storage of 10 GB per license and everything else the previous plan has. Here you also get Zoom Phone Pro with a regional or toll-free number, unlimited regional calls, domestic SMS and MMS, and more. You also get Zoom’s all-new real-time transcription translation feature. For this tier, your wallet will cough up $250 per year or $25 per month per user.

Zoom also offers Zoom One Enterprise and Zoom One Enterprise Plus tiers, but to get one, you’ll need to talk to an account manager directly. What you get, some of the benefits are Zoom’s translation feature, up to 1000 people in a meeting, unlimited whiteboards, and unlimited cloud storage space. The added value here comes from telephone services – Private Branch Exchange Phone System, Interactive Voice Calling, Call Queuing, Metered Outgoing Calls, as well as Company Branding and Managed Domains.

As we mentioned, Zoom now offers a two-way translation that allows you to view captions in a language of your choice during a meeting. This way you can translate video conferences from English to a preferred language and vice versa. Currently, the supported translation languages ​​are Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.

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