YouTuber tests iPhone 14 crash detection and shows if it really works

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With the all new iPhone 14 setup, Apple introduced Crash detection, a feature designed to save your life if you have a serious car accident. As the tech giant explained in its announcement, the new iPhone 14 models have two new motion sensors: an improved 3-axis gyroscope and a high-G-force accelerometer. They let the new iPhones detect serious car accidents, and when you get in one, it will automatically notify your emergency contacts and provide them with your current location. While Apple’s new emergency feature sounds promising, there’s only one way you can actually see if it actually works as intended. And that is – you guessed it – getting into a serious car accident, something that no one should ever experience. However, to show us if Apple’s Crash Detection really works, a YouTube channel called TechRax tested the new emergency feature by causing a serious car accident “in a safe and controlled environment”. (through AppleInsider) Basically, by using a built-in radio control mechanism, TechRax smashed a real car into a few scrapped vehicles. For the experiment, the YouTuber used a iPhone 14 Pro, pasted on the back of the driver’s seat.

From the video, we can see that Apple’s new emergency feature really works. 10 seconds after the ‘incident’, the iPhone started another 10-second countdown – accompanied by a loud siren. And if you’re in good shape, you can just cancel the timer. Otherwise, your iPhone will notify the emergency responders (and your emergency contacts, if set up) itself.

So now you know that Apple’s Crash Detection is not just a marketing ploy to get you to upgrade to the new iPhone 14 series. It really works and can save your life. However, we really hope you won’t need it.

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