YouTube TV’s latest feature brings the best of the service to the big screen

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YouTube TV revealed many of its plans for 2022, including how it will improve the YouTube experience on TVs, but the most recent new feature added to the service wasn’t part of the product roadmap we got to see in February.

From today, YouTube TV introduces a new feature that makes it very easy to connect a TV to an iOS or Android phone so that users can watch their favorite YouTube content on the big screen. For this to work, your phone and TV must be signed in to the same YouTube account.

If the only requirement is met, then just open the YouTube app on TV, then open the YouTube app on your phone and click “Connect” at the prompt that appears automatically. If all is well, your phone should now be synced to the TV so you can interact with the video you’re watching directly from your phone. Not only can you pause, rewind or fast forward a video, you can also read video descriptions much easier, leave comments, share the video with a friend or send a Super Chat from the convenience of your phone.

In addition to the new feature, YouTube TV confirmed it has started testing a new design for the app’s video display page to implement new features such as browsing and shopping for products featured in videos.

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