YouTube adds new feature called ‘Corrections’ to help creators fix mistakes

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You may not be a YouTube creator, but imagine being one, recording a video, uploading it, and realizing that you said something weird (or well, something you didn’t mean to), or that you made a mistake (signed off by one of your followers or something).

What a good YouTuber should do in this scenario is probably pin a comment to fix the error (at the risk of leaving some viewers unnoticed). But now YouTube is going to make it remarkably easier to correct errors in an already uploaded video, reports The Verge† That’s right, YouTubers get a “Corrections” option.

YouTube introduces a correction option for already uploaded videos

Sometimes fixing a bug can cause people to delete a video and re-upload it, but this method is indeed very unproductive considering that you lose all the comments (hopefully your video has enough!) and likes and what not. And of course, few people would choose this option. This meant that to fix an error in your video, you had to pin a comment or write about the error in the description. Yes, as we said, that way it can go unnoticed for some viewers.

Now YouTube is addressing the problem by introducing a new feature called “corrections”. Thanks to this, creators can easily add corrections to a video that are clearer to the viewers and are not necessary to remove the video.

Corrections appear as an infocard in the top right corner of a video, at the relevant timestamp, of course. However, keep in mind that at this point the info card appears after each video chapter, so if you don’t have any chapters in your video, it should only appear once.

On the other side of the screen, viewers can click the card and the correction comments will expand.

Google has provided full instructions on how to use the new feature in a support document† This new feature should make it a little easier to be a YouTuber and make your experience of watching videos on YouTube more informative (even if a YouTuber you like made a mistake, you should know that, right?)

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