You don’t want to miss this Apple Watch Series 7 Prime Day deal

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If you’ve ever searched for a good Apple Watch deal, you probably already know that these are hard to find.

That’s why this latest Amazon Prime Day 2022 deal on the latest Apple Watch Series 7 is one to seriously think about. Apple sometimes has modest price cuts on older models, but you rarely see a good deal on the latest model.

Prime Day Apple Watch Series 7 Deal:

As you can see, the Amazon Prime Day deal is really incredible, so you better hurry up and grab one while the units last, because we’ve seen before that deals like this definitely don’t last too long.

We looked at the Apple Watch S7 when it launched last year and concluded that it was most likely the best smartwatch for most people with iPhones. With a bigger screen, faster charging and subtle improvements, it feels incredibly refined, with the only complaint being that you have to charge it every day.
If you’re interested in an alternative with a longer battery life, you should be happy to know we’ve got some sweets too Garmin Venu 2 Prime Day deals, and those watches, while not quite as fast, certainly have longer battery life than the Apple Watch.

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Finally, keep in mind that we’re only a few months away from the alleged launch of the next-generation Apple Watch. we have all Apple Watch Series 8 leaks and rumors here, and we recommend you take a quick look at whether it’s worth waiting for the next generation or whether you should pull the trigger right away.

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