You can now pair Fitbit and Google Fit with Google Assistant

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With the recent launch of the Google Pixel Watch and the close collaboration with Fitbit’s wellness experts, who Google acquired last year, it’s clear that the search giant wants to give a serious push into the fitness tracker market. And it only makes sense that the super-smart Google Assistant could integrate seamlessly with current and future features in Google Fit and the dedicated Fitbit app, right? Well, it seems that time has now arrived – many users may see the option to link to Google Fit and Fitbit in their Assistant settings, and the feature seems to be rolling out to every modern Google device that supports the Assistant.

With the minor caveat that while you can pair both Google Fit and Fitbit apps, you’ll have to make the choice to keep only one of the two active at a time.

By linking one of the apps and granting it the necessary permissions, the Google Assistant can access:

  • Your activity stats, such as workouts, steps, duration, pace, and calories burned
  • The distance you traveled during your workout by tracking your location
  • Your heart rate data

A toggle for ‘Proactive health and fitness results’ suggests that the Assistant may display health/activity cards on your device to notify you of recent trends, either to congratulate you on the successful journey or to remind you that the speed up.

To connect Fitbit and Google Fit with Google Assistant, open your Google Assistant settings, go to the Wellness section and choose Activity. Then select Google Fit or Fitbit and proceed with the pairing steps. Keep in mind that the feature isn’t generally available yet, so don’t worry if you only see the Calm app in the Wellness section.

At this point, even if you sync them, voice prompts to the Assistant throw a blank. It looks like the feature is still inactive, locked behind a server-side switch, which Google will likely flip once the update rolls out to more devices. If so, we probably won’t have to wait too long to ask Google Assistant to tell us how many steps we took during the day.

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