You can now get a ‘very good’ Echo Dot for a measly $9.99 without Amazon Prime

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While there are of course many reasons to become an Amazon Prime member, the last one is: added to the platform’s already long list of perks and benefits, less than a week earlier than this year’s Prime Day celebration, you don’t have to need such a subscription to get the best internal devices from the e-commerce giant at the lowest possible prices.

For example, a small but undeniably powerful and versatile Echo Dot smart speaker is available with a Prime membership starting at just $19.99 right now, but believe it or not, you can save another $10 at Woot with no special requirements whatsoever.

If a $9.99 Echo Dot sounds too cheap to be true, keep in mind that Amazon-owned bargain-specialist e-tailer is only offering the 2018 edition for that incredibly low price today, and predictably enough, you’re not looking at the brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged products.

On the plus side, Woot will hook you up with essentially the same 90-day warranty the parent company throws in with an all-new fourth-generation Echo Dot released in 2020. In fact, the parent company was apparently in charge of testing and verifying that these third-generation Alexa-powered devices “meet the specified product condition” before green-lighting their resale for $10 each.

Said condition currently ranges from “very good” to “acceptable”, and while that’s obviously an extremely easy choice to make, it’s also one that’s likely to change as the hours go by. At the time of writing, you can also opt for one of four color options, including “charcoal,” “heather grey,” “sandstone,” and “fig,” but the latter two models already seem to be in short supply.

Bargain hunters should know that “standard” shipping across the country can be free… for Prime members, and while the fourth-generation Echo Dot looks radically different from its predecessor on the outside, the overall capabilities of the two are very similar. each other, including voice-controlled music streaming, alarms, alerts, newsletters, weather and traffic, as well as countless other Alexa skills.

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