You can now copy or browse text from images on your Galaxy S22 on the Z Fold 3

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Samsung’s proprietary internet browser pre-installed on Galaxy phones is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to speed and features. It has a true dark mode for those late night browsing sessions in bed, a great download manager, excellent choices for arranging tabs and now the ability to copy text directly from images. Take that, Google Chrome!

Yes, Samsung Internet Beta v18 lets you rip text displayed on images through a built-in character recognition tool that lets you copy the displayed letters to your clipboard to paste into a document or text field.
Unfortunately, the option would only work on Samsung’s latest One UI 4.1.1 edition, so not even the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Flip 3 can take advantage of this as they are still on 4.1. Speaking of foldable, the Samsung Internet Beta v18 offers a lot of improvements that make browsing on a bendable phone easier.
For example, you can freely move the search bar, which doubles as a URL field, to suit your needs on the big bad folding screen. “Provides an option to move the URL bar to the bottom of Fold devices” is the unassuming name of that feature.

Samsung also lets you send URL links directly to the browser in the equivalent of incognito mode under the self-explanatory “Open links from other apps in secret mode” option, which by the way is the default in the new beta, but can be turned off. As for the privacy improvements, here’s what the developers have to say:

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