You can no longer make in-app purchases through Amazon’s Audible, Kindle, and Music apps on Android

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If you use Amazon’s Audible app on Android to listen to audiobooks while doing cardio, you may have noticed that you can no longer buy audiobooks directly from the app. Don’t worry, this isn’t a bug. Amazon no longer offers in-app purchases of its Audible, Kindle, and Music apps on Android (via Engadget† All you can buy right now are credits from the Audible app. Amazon has started sending notifications to its customers, so you may have received an email from the company explaining what’s going on and why it needs to make this change. Long story short, Google decided to follow Apple’s lead and started enforcing a new rule that requires all apps downloaded from the Play Store to process payments for “digital goods and services.” through the Play Store billing system. Had Amazon not introduced the change, Google’s rule would have meant Big G would earn a discount on your next purchase on the Audible, Kindle and Music apps on Android. It seems that Amazon doesn’t want Google to take a percentage of its profits, so that’s why the next time you want to buy something from Amazon’s services, you should use the company’s website to make your purchase.

Another solution, as indicated by android policeis that instead of going to Amazon’s website, you can download the Amazon Appstore App for Android† There you can access different versions of the Amazon apps, which support in-app purchases. However, you must uninstall the apps from the Play Store before installing the Amazon Appstore app.

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