You and Google can make funny mashups in the Emoji Kitchen

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Emojipedia (through 9to5Google) tweeted on Wednesday, noting that Google has four new emojis for use in Emoji Kitchen mashups. The last four emojis used in the Emoji Kitchen are Paw Prints, Cherries, Watermelon, and Rock. As of this month, more than 400 emojis have some support in the Emoji Kitchen and there are 20,000 possible combinations.

Follow these instructions to use the Emoji Kitchen:

Tap the text bar to bring up Gboard.

Tap the emoji icon on the left side of the space bar.

Select an icon as your “basic” emoji.

Tap the second emoji you want to add.

Choose one of the fun mash-up options right below the text bar.

Please note that gesture, person, and flag emojis are not supported for use by the Emoji Kitchen. One suspicion of the reason behind this limitation is that a merger with emojis from those three categories could be disrespectful and/or offensive to certain people or a certain country.

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