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With Windows 11 you can now easily rip CDs with the new Media Player

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With Windows 11’s new Media Player, you can now easily copy or rip music from a disc to your computer. For those uninitiated, Windows Media Player was recently updated on Windows 11 with WinUI and Fluent Design makeover, and it now gains support for features available in the original release.

The new media player is apparently built on top of Groove Music and comes with support for better video playback, a large library and a modern design that matches the look and feel of Windows 11.

The last update to Windows Media Player had CD playback support. Microsoft has also made improvements to the theme and style of the media player, and additional changes have been made to ensure that dragging and dropping media content is smooth.

With today’s update, copying music to your desktop is now easy. When you have the CD you want to copy ready, Media Player will do the work for you. As you can see in the screenshot below, you can select a format like AAC and change the bit rate before copying the file to the device.

Other supported formats are WMA, FLAC and ALAC.

Windows 11 Media Player rip CD

Remember that Windows Media Player automatically selects the best format and bit rate depending on the type of file you choose. For example, 256 kbps is selected when you try to copy audio files.

To begin, insert the disc into your disc drive. You can ignore the autoplay option if it appears on the desktop and open Windows Media Player. Finally, go to the “Audio CD” section and select Rip CD to let the app rip the CD with default settings, or you can change the settings as well.

This update is rolling out to testers in the Dev Channel and will be available to everyone later this month.

A new look for Windows Camera

The built-in Windows Camera app has been updated with a new beautiful look and feel from Windows 11. The app now uses the well-known WinUI and Fluent Design, and the font has also been revamped.

Windows Camera app

The camera app still supports features such as video, photos, document and whiteboard recording and now gets support for two additional recording modes: also QR code and barcode scanning. You can use the camera app to scan QR codes or barcodes. Of course, this feature works best on devices with a high-quality camera.

In addition to app updates, Microsoft has also published Windows 11 Build 25158 in the Dev Channel with widgets and taskbar improvements.

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