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Windows 11’s Modern Media Player Gets New Video Features

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Microsoft teased Media Player for Windows 11 in November 2021 and it was released to the public in early 2022. In the meantime, Windows Media Player received another testers update last month with new features. That update is now being made available to everyone in the new Microsoft Store in Windows 11.

As you probably know, Windows Media Player is replacing Groove Music, the UWP app that was the default music player for Windows after the company discontinued the outdated Windows Media Player.

This new Media Player is a reboot of Groove Music, but Microsoft wants to make it a successor to the iconic Windows Media Player. With today’s update, Windows 11’s Modern Media Player gets major improvements. The version number is 11.2203.30.0 and it is available in the production channel with two notable changes:

  • Introduction to music library.
  • Video enhancement options.

New Windows Media Player Features

A new music library experience is now available. As you can see in the screenshot above, it is now possible to quickly switch between the different views on the artist page when browsing your collection.

If you don’t see any media files in the library, it’s probably because you don’t have a folder of songs associated with the Media Player. The default view shows the albums in a grid view, the other shows all songs and they are grouped by album.

You can also perform quick actions when hovering over albums, artists, videos, and playlists. These actions include quick selection and playback options.

Another important change is support for the video enhancement options dialog. It appears when you play a video in Media Player and can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the playback screen.

Media Player context menu

A right click will apparently open a context menu where you can view new files without going to another page. It also makes it possible to open both the album page and the artist page.

Video Enhancements

A new “video enhancements” option lets you adjust the brightness and contrast of your video.

Microsoft also claims to have worked to improve Media Player performance, especially for devices with very large music libraries.

In addition to improvements to Media Player, Microsoft has also started testing a new Outlook client for Windows 11.

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