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Windows 11 version 21H2 is now released for everyone to download

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Microsoft has officially confirmed that Windows 11 version 21H2 (the original version) has been approved for wide deployment. This means that the update is now offered to all users with compatible hardware, i.e. devices that officially meet the hardware requirements of newer processors with TPM.

In other words, Microsoft has finally released Windows 11 for everyone and it is no longer being rolled out to select users in phases. Previously, the various bugs and glitches in the operating system prevented Microsoft from pushing the update to all users. This includes compatibility issues with drivers or apps.

If you have a compatible device and you have not yet installed Windows 11 on your device, you can now check for updates in the Settings app and a new notification to download the update will appear on the screen. That’s because Windows 11 is now ready for all eligible devices.

As we have seen in the changelogs of the monthly cumulative updates, Microsoft has been working to fix critical and annoying issues around the operating system. Windows 11 was officially announced in June 2021 and it started rolling out to more users a little later, so Microsoft has taken about seven months to give it the thumbs up for version 21H2.

Thanks to the bug fixes released through the cumulative updates, Windows 11 was made available to all eligible devices before the release of the next feature update.

However, if your device does not meet the requirements of the 8th generation or newer processor and TPM, you will not be able to install Windows 11 unless you bypass the requirements.

Remaining known issues in Windows 11

Microsoft is currently aware of some known issues in the operating system, including a bug where users may encounter authentication errors on the server. A fix for this bug is already in the works, but there is another bug affecting some users: app crashes caused by the May 2022 update.

Microsoft has acknowledged the reports of app crashes in Windows 11 and is actively working on a workaround, which may be delivered later this month or next month via the optional update.

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