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Windows 10 21H2 Build 19044.1739 can speed up file copying, fix app crashes

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Windows 10 Build 19044.1739 (21H2) is now available for beta testing in the Insider Program’s Release Preview Channel. This update includes several fixes that will be released to the production channel via an optional cumulative update expected in a few days.

It is important to understand that Build 19044.1739 is not a feature update and does not contain any visual improvements or features, but Microsoft has confirmed that the patch can fix the annoying app crashes and improve file transfer speed if you were affected in the first place. .

With Windows, everything is as simple as can be. You can select files or folders and transfer them to the other partition or connect your phone to a free USB port on the computer and transfer the data to the mobile device. However, a bug in the operating system can cause a slower file transfer.

Microsoft says the update should fix an issue that causes file copying to be slower than usual, even on modern hardware. We don’t know when the bug was first reported, but the issue appears to have been noticed by many users, according to reports in the Feedback Hub.

Another bug where the system may stop responding when you sign out of your Microsoft OneDrive account has been resolved. This happens when users try to quit OneDrive when the app or service itself is in use.

Microsoft fixes app crashes on Windows 10

The May 2022 Update of Windows 10, which brought several significant fixes, apparently broke apps that rely on the .NET 3.5 framework. While not every user or app was affected, Microsoft acknowledged the reports and promised to fix the issue in a future cumulative update.

The issue was reported by a small number of users, but it was broad enough for the tech giant to recognize and fix it. In addition to the compatibility issues with .NET Framework, there is another bug that would crash apps if they rely on GPU.

According to the release notes, Microsoft has fixed a potential performance issue where certain apps (not all) could crash if your device comes with the graphics card and apps use a file called d3d9.dll. If your machine is affected, d3d9.dll can cause apps on Windows to close unexpectedly.

As mentioned above, Build 19044.1739 is currently only available in the Release Preview Channel and will be rolled out as an optional update soon.

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