Why the mobile phone camera has become the latest tool for thieves

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You might think you have all the odds and ends you keep in your car, protected from prying eyes thanks to the tint you have to cover the windows of your vehicle. But according to the Memphis television station, WREGanyone with a cell phone can see right through the darkest shade by opening the camera on the device and placing the lens up to the tinted window.
The report says this is a new tool used by bad guys looking for weapons, wallets and other valuable items in cars that they can steal and turn into quick cash. The CBS affiliate confirmed that a phone’s camera can see through a tinted window (check out the photos below). Police in Memphis say motor vehicle theft is the top non-violent crime in the city. If you leave a gun in your vehicle, the police recommend that you keep it in a box or safe.

Law enforcement officers also recommend that you lock your car when parked, park the vehicle in a location with good lighting, make sure your car alarm (if you have one) is in good working order, and strongly consider installing security cameras. to install in your home.

Since this is illegal, you won’t hear phone manufacturers brag about it. Imagine Jony Ive saying something like, “See everything a car owner hides behind the tinted windows of their car. X-ray auto snooping. The latest feature on the most powerful iPhone yet.”

A subreddit called LifeProTips contains a post from a few months ago stating: “As the title says, hold your phone’s camera up to the tinted window and you can look inside. You don’t have to take a picture or be recording it to to work. This works both during the day and at night.”

The science behind this was revealed by a Reddit user with the handle “First_half_23” who wrote: “Basics physics tells us this: When you look through a tinted glass, the side with the least ambient light can see through to the side with the more surrounding light. If you place your camera right on the glass, you reduce the opening to zero, making the side with your phone’s camera the side with the less ambient light, so you can see in.”

So now you know why you should be wary if someone appears to be taking a picture of the tinted windows of your parked car. If this person holds the camera on their phone right up to one of the side windows, you should be suspicious enough to call the police immediately.

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