Why blow your dough on the extravagant 2022 iPad Pro when the 2018 model is so cheap?

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Apple’s latest iPad Pros are available now, which means now is a great time to buy older models and save a ton of money. The 2018 11-inch iPad Pro is currently on sale at Amazon in a redesigned condition.

Before you sniff at the mention of a 2018 model, keep in mind that it includes the powerful enough Apple A12X Bionic chip, which ensures that all apps run smoothly. Sure, it’s nowhere near as fast as the M2-powered 2022 11-inch iPad Pro, but that device has more power than you need, its full potential is held back by software, and the mobile version costs $999.

The 2018 iPad Pro with LTE, meanwhile, can be yours for just $419, which means you’ll save $580. Admittedly, it is a refreshed device, but it has been professionally inspected by Amazon and is in excellent condition.

The 2018 model and latest variant share the same overall design and 120Hz ProMotion technology. Both devices have a 12MP main camera, but the 2022 model also has an ultrawide unit and a front camera with a slightly higher resolution. Nobody really buys tablets for cameras, so these moderately inferior camera specs shouldn’t bother you.

Both models have Face ID technology for user authentication and support the Apple Pencil stylus and Magic Keyboard.
When iPad Pro 2018 first came out, it was praised for its high refresh rate screen and powerful performance, but its $799 price tag made it too expensive for most people. Although it is currently three generations old, it still remains an incredibly powerful slate sufficient for casual users and it also qualifies for the iPadOS 16 update bringing new desktop-class features and apps.

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