Which iPhone XR Storage Size Should You Buy?

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If you’re considering buying Apple’s iPhone XR, make sure you pick the right model. This process can be tricky, and today we want to help you decide on the best iPhone XR storage option for your needs and your budget.

You might be tempted to go for the cheapest iPhone XR or the model with the most storage, but many of you should skip that one and go with the 128GB model

Before committing to one model or another, there are some things to consider and we’ll break it all down for you in this guide.

iPhone XR Storage Options

The iPhone XR comes in a variety of colors with three storage options.

Instead of 64GB, 256GB and 512GB configurations like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS MaxThe iPhone XR comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB formats. The 64GB model is the cheapest, while the 256GB model is the most expensive.

The iPhone XR, like all iPhone models, does not come with expandable storage via a microSD card. If you decide you need additional storage, you’ll need to add it through Apple’s iCloud service or through Lightning Drive.

Apple won’t be announcing any additional storage options going forward, so you’re stuck with these three options.

Pay now for storage or pay later

64 GB of storage is not enough for many people. If you plan to record 4K video, download travel content, or play games, you’ll probably need extra storage.

We’ve been using a 256GB iPhone 12 since launch and we’ve used over 200GB of storage. That’s somewhat close to 256GB, but it’s a lot more than the 64GB you get from Apple’s cheapest iPhone XR option.

Our internal storage space is taken up by our applications, photos, videos, podcasts and other miscellaneous files. We went well over the 64GB threshold within a month of purchasing the phone.

Some of you may not get close to 64GB, but many others will exceed that goal shortly after you switch to your new device.

If that happens, you’ll either need to delete files to free up space or pay for extra storage space via iCloud or an external drive. In the United States, iCloud prices start at $0.99/month for 50 GB and go up to $9.99/month for 2 TB of space.

If you’re running out of space, you may have to resort to streaming movies and music and that can lead to data overage charges if you’re not careful.

Who should buy the 64GB iPhone XR?

Again, the 64GB iPhone XR is the cheapest option available. You’re going to save on the phone purchase cost and many of you will be just fine with 64GB of space. You should buy the 64GB iPhone XR if you:

  • Stream most of your movies and music.
  • Don’t plan on shooting a lot of 4K videos.
  • Plan to store your photos in iCloud Photo Library or locally on a computer.
  • Don’t come close to using up 64GB of storage on your current iPhone.

Who should buy the 128GB iPhone XR?

The 64GB option is worth considering, but you may want the peace of mind that comes with the larger one 128GB iPhone XR

It’s nice to know that you can make tons of videos and download lots of apps without worrying about hitting the storage threshold.

You should buy the 128GB iPhone XR if you:

  • Store some of your movies and music locally.
  • Rather keep your photos locally.
  • Plan to shoot some 4K video.
  • Don’t come close to using up 64GB of space on your current iPhone.
  • I can’t stand having to constantly manage the data on your phone.

Who should buy the 256GB iPhone XR?

Most of you should be fine with 64GB or 128GB, but power users will want to spend the extra cash and use the largest storage capacity. you should buy the 256GB iPhone XR if you:

  • Plan to record a lot of 4K video.
  • Am a photo enthusiast who doesn’t want to use iCloud.
  • Someone who travels a lot and wants to store everything locally.

How to check your storage

If you’re currently using an iPhone and struggling with this decision, do yourself a favor and see how you’re currently using your device’s storage space.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Tap your Settings app.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap iPhone Storage.

Once you are on this screen, you can see how much storage space you are currently using on your iPhone. You can also see what is taking up the most storage space on your device.

If you already have more than 64GB or are getting close, you’ll probably want to go with the 128GB or 256GB option. If you barely use your storage space, you probably don’t need to spend the extra money.

If you plan on using the iPhone XR for a year before upgrading to a new device, there’s less pressure to use a larger storage space. You can do it and upgrade to a device with a larger storage capacity in 12 months.

If you don’t plan on upgrading for two years or more, the 128GB/256GB models are the safest choice for most people. Choosing one of these options should help you avoid spending extra money on storage.

4 reasons not to install iOS 15.4.1 and 11 reasons why you should

Install iOS 15.4.1 for better security

Install iOS 15.4.1 for better security

If security is important to you, then you should definitely consider installing Apple’s iOS 15.4.1 update right away.

iOS 15.4.1 has one new security patch on board and you can read more about it on Apple’s website† It helps protect your phone from damage.

If you missed the iOS 15.4 update, it had a whopping 36 new security patches on board. To learn more about these patches, visit: Apple’s security site for the details

If you missed iOS 15.3.1, it had one security patch on board. For more information, visit Apple’s security page

If you missed iOS 15.3, you will also get the corresponding patches with your upgrade. iOS 15.3 brought 10 new security patches for iPhone users. If you are interested in the details, you can read more about it here

If you missed iOS 15.2.1, you will get the security patch with your upgrade. More information about the switch can be found at Apple’s website

If you missed Apple’s iOS 15.2 update, you’ll get the 30+ security patches with your upgrade. You can read all about it on the company security site

iOS 15.2 also included some significant privacy upgrades. The software brought the company’s app privacy report to Settings. This lets you see how many times your apps accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts, and more in the past seven days. You can also see their network activity.

In addition, iOS 15.2 . brought Apple’s communications security features for children. You’ll find these features in the Messages app, Siri, Spotlight, and Search.

If you missed iOS 15.1, iOS 15.4.1 will bring the security patches to your iPhone. You can read more about it at Apple’s website

If you missed iOS 15.0.2, you will also get the security patch with your upgrade. You can learn more about it here

iOS 15.0 also brought numerous security patches to your iPhone. If you’re moving from iOS 14 and you’re interested in the exact nature of these improvements, you can read more about them at Apple’s security website

Apple has updated its website with new information about iOS 15’s suite of security patches. The company now says the software has fixed an issue that could have exposed a user’s personal Apple ID information and in-app search history. It also states that iOS 15 has fixed an issue that allowed apps to override privacy preferences.

If you skipped iOS 14.8 or an older version of iOS, you will also receive the security patches from those updates with your iOS 15.4.1 update.

In addition to these patches, iOS 15 comes with some security and privacy upgrades, including improvements to Siri. Requests to Siri are now processed on the device itself with Neural Engine. This makes it safer.

If you’re an Apple Card user, you now get a security code that changes regularly to use when transacting online.

Apple has also added a built-in authenticator similar to Google Authenticator. Allows you to generate verification codes for enhanced login security under your passwords.

There is also a Mail feature that hides your IP address.

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