Waze and Netflix team up for a new, adventurous driving experience

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Waze users rejoice! Despite the fact that you definitely get a new driving experience every month, June is a bit more generous. So for the When you use Waze for the second time this month, you get a brand new driving experience inspired by the Netflix movie The Sea Beast.

Thanks to a new collaboration with Netflix, Waze users will get a taste of the service’s latest movie before it arrives on July 8. The new driving experience features the film’s main protagonists: Maisie, a precocious stowaway, and Blue, a tiny beast with some massive mischief.

The unlikely duo will help Waze users navigate every turn and even entertain them with their friendship. But that is not everything! New Beasts will be available for the driving experience as users will be able to choose between three new Moods: Blue, Red and Yellow. Your vehicle’s icon can also be swapped out for a lifeboat to follow the theme of the movie.

Make sure to download the latest Waze driving experience and tap the “Enable Sea Beast Mode” banner to activate it. Please note that it is available worldwide, but only in English and for a limited time.

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