Wartime Hero: iPhone 11 Pro Prevents Bullet From Injuring Ukrainian Soldier

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A reddit video regarding the Apple iPhone 11 Pro saving the life of a Ukrainian soldier may end debate over which company makes the most durable phones.

According to the video, a Ukrainian soldier had an iPhone 11 Pro in his plate carrier and when a bullet was fired at him, it hit the phone instead of hurting him. Plate bearers are vests worn by soldiers who take part in combat. The vest is equipped with protective equipment such as trauma plates to protect the wearer.

The soldier did have a picture, but that was behind the iPhone 11 Pro. The phone did take a beating, but the bullet didn’t penetrate, proving its durability.
The iPhone 11 Pro came out in 2019 and was one of the best phones of its time. It features a custom Corning glass and a stainless steel structural band. Drop tests conducted at the time had shown that the phone was quite heavy, but who would have thought it would ever catch bullets for humans.
That said, it’s still best to protect your phone with a case because even if it doesn’t break after a drop, it probably won’t function like it did before.
Four months ago, a video rounds on Reddit said a Russian soldier had replaced his armor plate with a MacBook, so maybe Apple’s gear is more resilient than anyone thought.

At the end of the day, we all mourn the losses that wars cause and hope and wish for a peaceful world, a world where telephones will continue to be used as means of communication, not armor.

Apple has stopped all product sales from its Russian sites in response to the country’s attack on Ukraine. This came into effect after Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov requested CEO Tim Cook to stop selling devices to Russia.

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