Vote Now: What’s the Most Exciting New iOS 16 Feature?

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Boy, does Apple really like to cram a gazillion announcements into its keynotes! Anyway, WWDC is now in full swing, and with the launch came iOS 16 – another major software update landing on iPhones this fall. A iOS 16 public beta will be released in July this year.

And now that the keynote is over, we are curious: which new addition or improvement in iOS 16 are you most excited about? We are sure some of the changes announced today will get more likes than others, but which one will get your to vote? That’s what today’s poll aims to find out.

What’s New in iOS 16? In case you missed the announcement, the list of additions and improvements is quite long, but the presentation kicked off with the introduction of a brand new lock screen experience. Apple also introduced new features in Wallet, including Tap to Pay and Apple Pay Later. We get improved dictation features, iCloud Shared Photos Library and SharePlay in Messages. Oh, and did we mention you can edit or revoke those embarrassing iMessages caused by less than perfect auto-correct? About Dive Time!
If all goes according to plan, iOS 16 will arrive later this year – probably in September, in time for the iPhone 14 series launch. You can check out the new features early on if you choose to download the public beta, which should be available in July. The list of iPhones compatible with iOS 16 include all iPhones released in the past five years, including the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

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