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I’m all in the “Android” camp, but there’s one thing that still makes me jealous of my iOS-equipped friends – software support cycle. Things aren’t as bad as they were, let’s say five years ago, but still – most Android phones get two major updates and that’s it.

Promised, Samsung decided to do something about it and started stretching the update cycle, and Google also promised to catch Apple with its Pixel update policy, but the reality is that if you buy an Android phone, you’re usually fine for about two years – software-wise.

Back in April, Google has officially launched Android 13 Beta 1 with some visual tweaks and other improvements. If you have a Pixel device and are in the beta program, chances are you already have the latest Android version.

For the rest of us mere mortals, it’s time to wait and see (provided our phones meet the requirements). The final version of Android 13 is expected to launch sometime in the fall.

I’m sure many of you are also stuck with older versions of Android – my wife’s Galaxy S9+ is still running Android 10, and my Huawei Mate 20 Pro was bricked to EMUI11 (based on Android 10), because I was stupid (tried to unlock the bootloader and from there it all went down).

What is the current version of Android on your phone? Vote in our poll and share your embarrassing software stories in the comments below.

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