Vote Now: What Happens To Your Old Phone When You Upgrade?

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Today we take a trip to the metaphorical telephone graveyard. I know, sounds a bit dark, doesn’t it? But the reality is that phones are rather weak creatures, they are like day flies.

Well, maybe not exactly — the average smartphone life is about 2.5 years in the US, according to statistic† And while 2.5 years isn’t a day’s flight, the speed at which smartphone manufacturers bring new models to market far outweighs the actual needs for the said new models.

So we can only expect that the life cycle of a regular smartphone will shrink further in the future. So the question is, what happens to your old phone when you upgrade?

With so many trade-in programs (and good ones too), it’s likely that most of you just trade in your old phone for a newer model. I am quite sentimental myself and tend to keep my old phones to give to family and friends.

I even sold one or two on some version of Craigslist here in my country, but this was more of an exception to the rule. I’d like to think that a gadget could serve someone else instead of being sent to a huge telephone graveyard or recycling plant years ahead of its time.

And you? What happens to your ex-daily driver when the next model falls into your hands? Share your sad or happy phone stories in the comments below!

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