Vote Now: The Most Important Thing When Buying Headphones?

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Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, there are in-ear models, on-ear headphones, huge over-ear mufflers, as well as wireless, true wireless, wired headphones and more. It gets even more complicated when you try to categorize headphones by budget, or start to include terms like “audiophile” and “premium.” have earbuds that can record your heartbeat, let you talk to your virtual assistant, shut off the outside world, and half a dozen other curious things.

And every person has different needs and looks at different things when buying headphones. For some people, comfort is absolutely essential, while for others, sound quality is paramount. There are those who rely on their headphones for a lot of productivity-related things, and those who see headphones as a fashion statement.

So in today’s poll, we’re trying to find out what’s most important to you when buying headphones. For me personally, comfort is the most important feature, as my ears start to hurt minutes after I put on a pair, and it’s torture no matter what angelic sounds are blown to my eardrums.

Vote in the poll and share a specific feature that matters to you (and for some reason you don’t see it in the poll answers).

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