Vote Now: Still Using a Micro USB Device?

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Have you heard? The big news is that the next iPhone will almost certainly include a USB Type-C port, effectively ending the long and unnecessary reign of the Lightning port. This followed a push from the European Commission, which started almost a decade ago and tried to standardize charging ports on all phones (at least in Europe). A few months ago, a critical bill was passed in the EU parliament, which stated that all new phones in Europe should have a USB-C charging port by autumn 2024. If Apple wants to sell iPhones in Europe, the company must comply with that directive. But we digress.

Although the EU is pushing for a common port on phones, there are still hundreds of gadgets using the old micro-USB standard. My trusty (and rusty) old Kindle has it, all the external battery packs I own have it too, and some of my smart home gadgets are micro-USB too.

It’s no surprise: putting a micro-USB port on a device is cheaper, and if there’s no pressing need for fast charging or data transfer, you don’t need to opt for a USB-C connection either. But for us, the users, it is rather inconvenient to always have to look for the right cable.

So, today’s poll is to check how things are progressing and if you guys still have some old gadgets (so to speak) with the awful micro USB port. Vote and comment!

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