Vote now: Pixel 7 – hot or not?

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Google took advantage of the momentum and showed a glimpse of the Pixel 7 at its annual I/O conference last week. Rather than battling with leaks and rumors, the company decided to offer its own teaser of what was to come in the Pixel range.

The official product event will be sometime this fall, but we’ve finally seen some official renderings of the next generation of Pixel devices. And while most of its specs remain a mystery, we can start judging this book by its cover.

In terms of design, Google sticks to the Pixel 6 formula: a glass/metal sandwich with a camera strip on the back. This time, however, Google seems to be moving towards a two-tone design, as opposed to the three-tone color scheme of the last generation of pixels.

Another design novelty lies in the camera strip itself. Now that it’s painted the same color as the frame, the camera cutouts are much more noticeable. We have a pill-shaped dual camera in the Pixel 7 and an asymmetric triple setup in the Pro variant.

The new Pixels are expected sometime in October, sticking to the pricing of the Pixel 6 generation (which is a good thing). All in all, it seems more like an evolution than a revolution, but we’ll have to wait and see what the official product launch will bring to the table.

Yet today we ask you about the things you can actually see. The Pixel 7 design. It’s not radically different from the design of its predecessor, but still – there are differences – the camera strip now looks like a completely different whole. Do you like the design? Is it hot or boring? Vote in our poll and share your Pixel 7 thoughts in the comment section below.

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