Vote now: Nothing Phone (1) – hot or not?

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It was everything mystery and parakeets until Nothing finally showed us a glimpse of his phone (1). It wasn’t even an official reveal… just a few photos of the phone from the back, then videos of a promo event in Switzerland (the land of banks and milk chocolate) began to appear.

If you’ve been following Nothing for the past few months, you’re well aware of the company’s first product – the Nothing Ear (1) earplugs. A solid pair of noise-cancelling earphones, sure, but the most interesting thing is the transparent design.

Of course, nothing wants to keep up with this trend with its first phone, as the back is completely transparent. Unfortunately, most of the components are tucked away under bolt-on plates, and even the ribbon cables and wireless charging coil look clean and sophisticated.

To me, this approach defeats the purpose of a transparent back on a gadget. Some of you may be familiar with the custom transparent backs Zack (JerryRigEverything) does, and they’re just awesome – showing components that aren’t meant to be shown. On the other hand, the design of the Nothing Phone (1) is remarkably similar to an iPhone (a mix between an iPhone X and iPhone 12, I’d say – the flat frame, the specific radius of the corners, camera setup). Whether that’s a bad thing remains to be decided (I think Carl Pei is waiting any minute for Apple attorneys to call).

And you? Do you like the design? Do you find it distracting or surprisingly fresh? We’ve yet to see the phone in its full glory (the official event is slated for July 12), but given that phones look nearly identical from the front, there’s not much that can change in appearance. So, is the Nothing Phone (1) hot or not?

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