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Ah! The sensitive subject again: battery life… It’s been like this for decades – since the advent of smartphones, we’ve struggled to squeeze two days out of our personal communications equipment.

Smartphone manufacturers have tried all sorts of tricks to somehow compensate for the imperfections of modern lithium-ion batteries (actually, the first li-ion battery dates back to the 60s), including endurance modes, external battery packs, solar charging panels.. benefit!

The most useful invention, regarding smartphone battery life, is fast charging. Without any doubt! We can’t charge these things anymore, so at least let’s charge them faster. This tirade can go on for hours, but it is futile. Until solid state batteries become commercially available, we will have to deal with the current situation.

So we’re wondering what level of dedication you guys have to your smartphones. How often do you charge them? Is it once a day, just before going to bed (I think that’s the most common scenario), or do you have to do it twice a day?

Because it’s very interesting – if people charge their phones every day anyway, there’s no point in having batteries that last a day and a half, for example. If I’m sure my phone will run out tomorrow afternoon, I would at least use it overnight.

I know this is stretching things a bit, but in reality it’s better for most people to be a full day or two full days, anything in between makes no sense. So let’s see if this little theory has any ground. Vote in our poll and let us know your charging habits.

We’ve also added the “when battery drops below 20%” option for people who normally don’t track these things, as smartphones notify you at this threshold.

Of course, we may have missed some (obvious) points here, so don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments below.

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