Vote Now: Do you use split screen mode on your phone?

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Multitasking is a big topic in the smartphone world (as we learned in our previous poll), and this led to the idea of ​​today’s survey. The phone in my pocket has more CPU power than the desktop PC I built ten years ago to play games, and yes — ten years is a long time, but still — I was able to run dozens of applications and tasks simultaneously. to be performed on that machine. Which makes me wonder: what’s the problem with modern smartphones? Why can’t we run some apps completely and switch between them? Is it the operating system? Is it the battery life? Or the interface just can’t handle such a task on a small screen.

To be fair, there’s split screen mode on Android smartphones, and yes – it’s true multitasking where you can run two apps at the same time. In our previous poll, I kind of suggested that no one really uses that mode, but is this the case?

I tried to watch a YouTube video and do something else at the bottom of the screen, but the space was just too small to do anything that required input. I’ve tried different combinations – mail/chat, calendar/mail, file browser/music player, but it was very difficult to get any practical benefit just switching between the apps.

It’s also worth noting that my multitasking efforts with foldable phones are very limited – maybe on an 8-incher with this square aspect ratio, things would look different. But back to the question: do you regularly use split-screen on your phone? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

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