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Yesterday, while patiently waiting in line at the supermarket, I noticed that quite a few people were paying with their watches and smartphones. I thought about it as I stared vaguely at the asparagus in my cart. It’s actually easier to use your phone or your watch than pull a contactless credit card? Then I decided to give it a try and set up Samsung Pay on a phone and a watch. I baked the asparagus in the oven with some sea salt and olive oil, had it with baked salmon and went to bed. The next morning I went to the grocery store, equipped with the latest banking technology on my wrist and in my pocket.

Using the mobile payment system at the register took some preparation, turning on the NFC (or keeping it on all the time), swiping a few times, going through a menu or two. All in all, I felt it took me a little more time than just taking out my credit card and waving it at the checkout.

I know mobile payment can be used for other things, but the most important thing when using it with your watch or a phone is to reduce the need to reach for your wallet and remove your card. And for me it’s not faster or easier, it’s the same at best.

The other thing is that you practically don’t need a wallet if you have a mobile payment system set up. It is the next financial revolution after the demise of cash. And you? Do you often use mobile payments? Do you find it useful? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Vote in our poll and share your experience in the comments below.

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