Vote Now: Do You Use Cloud Storage?

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Ten years ago, storage was a big deal, at least for me. I remember burning spindles of CDs with music, movies, photos and everything I cherished at the time. My hard drive was constantly full and my phone had about 350MB of internal storage. It was a nightmare!

Now things are very different – not only because the memory technology is much better than it used to be, but also because everything is in the cloud. You could get a 1TB phone if you want, but that amount of storage is often excessive. You can also put 4 SSDs in your PC or laptop and forget about it, but again, the cost may not be justified.

I’m not saying all our storage problems are solved, but for the regular Joe, it looks good. Now, if you are a professional videographer and you work with 4K files, etc., you may need special treatment for your special needs. Or if you are an audiophile and stack lossless audio in your virtual library.

But with modern internet speeds, cloud storage may be able to provide the same space with some added benefits at a lower price. I’ve been using Google Drive for years now (the free version – about 17GB), and if I needed to, I’d probably buy a 100GB plan for $20 a year. It’s just so convenient.

I’ll admit, the 2TB (and up) options are a bit pricey, but still – it might be a better option than swapping SD cards, carrying flash drives, external SSDs or CDs. And you? Do you use cloud storage and if so – do you pay for a subscription or do you ride the free train?

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