Vote now: Asus Zenfone 9 – hot or not?

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It seems that compact flagship phones are starting to get their renaissance lately – Samsung is shrinking its vanilla Galaxy S every year, and though Apple ditched the iPhone mini, there are other brands that still believe in the compact idea. Asus for example.

The Taiwanese company made a sharp turn with the Zenfone 8 last year and decided to go against the grain and launch a small powerhouse. That move was likely successful, as Asus sticks to the compact form factor this year and ditches the large Flip model from its lineup.

The Asus Zenfone 9 is the next chapter in the compact book for Asus. It makes up for a lot of things, and if you’re a sucker for small phones (but want the Android experience), there aren’t many other options. One of our polls showed that: people are still interested in compact phones, but do you like this one?

The phone has a very distinct design with two huge circles for the dual cameras on the back (making the camera system look like the number 8, which would have been perfect on the Zenfone 8). The back is also made from a blend of polycarbonate and feels quite unique, even if it doesn’t look quite as premium as a glossy, glossy glass solution.

So let’s see if Asus gets this one right! Do you think the Zenfone 9 is hot? Would you buy one? The phone comes to the US with a pretty decent price tag (starting at $699), unlike other cool brands that cost twice as much (I’m looking at you Sony!).

Vote in our poll and share your Zen thoughts in the comments below.

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