Vote now: Are you still interested in compact phones?

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According to the latest market research, people are no longer buying compact phones. Behold, I said it! Some of you know about my obsession with small phones. I come from a long history of devices such as the original Motorola RAZR, the Xperia Ray and most of the phones in the Xperia Compact range.

When Apple launched the iPhone mini, I was excited because I expected other manufacturers to follow suit and resurrect the whole compact idea. Unfortunately that has not happened, although some brands such as Asus have gone down the compact path with their flagships, namely the Zenfone 8. And now it seems that the next model will also be small and compact.

The thing is, people may have already moved away from the idea of ​​a small phone that allows one-handed operation. There isn’t going to be an iPhone 14 mini, and the smartphone world is pushing foldable devices pretty hard (especially Samsung to be exact).

Are we still interested in compact phones? I’ll find out soon, because the Zenfone 9 is coming my way for a review. And you? Vote in our poll and as always share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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