Vote Now: Are you excited about the Motorola RAZR 3?

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The era of foldable phones is finally here! After years and years of super-expensive and super-problematic devices, it now looks like we’ve finally reached the mainstream stage for these flexible little pooches.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 sold like hot chestnuts during a Chicago winter, and people are already pre-ordering for the next generation of foldable flagships from samsung. Meanwhile, Motorola has been quiet on that front for quite some time, but after numerous leaks and rumors, it’s time to greet the next RAZR.

The iconic company (check out our Motorola quiz) released a teaser on Friday in which a August 2 unveiling for the latest RAZR 3 model. Now, the first two iterations of the resurrected RAZR weren’t that great – but now Motorola promises to do better.

According to the latest rumours, along with a video teaser released by the company not long ago, the next RAZR is expected to have a bigger external display with more capabilities, a flagship quality processor (the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1), a bigger battery, and a updated camera array.

This sounds promising to say the least, and the only big unknown is the price. We still don’t know which way this will go and whether or not these flagship specs will translate into a price hike. The first iterations of the phone launched for $1,399.99, which was almost affordable at the time, but with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 around the corner and the expected price of $999.99 is high.

But let’s see how excited you are about the next foldable phone with the iconic RAZR name. Are you excited about it? Would you buy it if it was $1,399? We’d personally love another competitive foldable on the market and can’t wait to get the model into our greedy reviewers’ hands!

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