Vodafone UK launches “unbeatable trade-in” programme, makes it super easy to replace your phone

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Trading in your old phone when buying a new one is always a convenient, hassle-free way to save some money. You can probably get more for it on the used market, but that involves a lot of waiting, phone calls from flaky buyers, and generally the whole shipping and payment process. A courier or shop will be happy to take that old phone and either fix it up and resell it to a new customer or recycle it directly, if it’s too old or beyond salvage.

Vodafone UK just made the trade-in process even more attractive with its new “Unbeatable Trade-In” offer. First of all, it is now extra easy thanks to an improved Trade-in tool within the My Vodafone app. You just open it, let it evaluate your phone, and you’ll get a quote. Secondly, Vodafone will carry out daily price checks to ensure it always has the best offers on trade-in values.
Once you’ve evaluated your phone, the price offer will be locked and you’ll have two weeks to mail it in or walk into a Vodafone store. Customers can receive the value of their old device in three ways: via bank transfer, price reduction for buying a new phone or credit for their new Airtime subscription.
The Unbeatable Trade-in runs until September 23rd, so you have plenty of time to decide if you want to take advantage of it or not. It’s probably a good idea to keep an eye on Vodafone phone deals, too. If you’re not targeting a specific carrier yet, we also have lists of the best O2 deals, but also separately Virgin Media Deals, and EE phone deals.

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