Virgin and O2 customers can learn languages ​​for free with Duolingo

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Duolingo is one of the most popular foreign language learning apps, and for good reason. The app helps users work on their vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation through carefully planned and timed exercises. Developer Duolingo specializes in education and even offers language certification, so yeah — it’s easy to say they’re leaders in that particular scene.

If anyone from the UK feels like learning a new language this summer, know that Virgin Media O2 is now offering its customers 3 months of premium Duolingo subscriptions.
The bonus comes on O2 customers through the O2 Priority service – the platform you can access if you have a subscription with that carrier. If you’re signed up for Virgin Media, on the other hand, requires you to go through the Virgin Plus platform, which – again – is open to Virgin customers.
While the free level of Duolingo is still perfectly usable for anyone who wants to dabble in foreign languages, the Plus level adds some extra perks to help you perfect your new skills. First of all, it removes ads, so no annoyance when you’re trying to go through your daily learning routine. You can then receive up-to-date assessments of your mistakes and personalized tips on how to iron out those specific kinks. Plus members also get a progress quiz to regularly check how far they’ve come.

Duolingo Plus costs around £5.24 per month, so that’s a bit of money saved for Virgin Media O2 customers, if they were planning on getting the premium plan. If you’re up for a contract extension and looking for deals on UK airlines, don’t hesitate to read more:

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