Verizon tries to soften recent price hikes with a sweet free reward

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It seems that US airlines are competing for the one that raises its prices more than the other. AT&T and Verizon has announced multiple price increases that are already in effect for millions of customers. The fact that they’economic adjustment ratesis hilarious, and while the first wave of price hikes may not have been as painful, especially for Verizon customers, the second raised bills significantly. In an effort to mitigate the recent price hike, at least one US carrier is offering customers one sweet free. Verizon just got announced that customers with the 5G Start subscription can add 5 GB of mobile hotspot to their subscription for free. The additional hotspot data will be available starting tomorrow and you don’t need to do anything to get it.

That is extremely good news for Verizon customers with the 5G Start because it was the only 5G plan without mobile hotspot data. Of course, the deal will be available to new and existing customers in the future.

Keep in mind if you’re on Verizon’s other more expensive ones 5G plans, however you will not receive the free 5 GB mobile hotspot.

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