Verizon ‘claps back’ at T-Mobile in unprecedented ‘Un-carrier’ takedown

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The days of “Dumb and Dumber” marketing could be behind T-Mobile after Sprint’s costly acquisition, John Legere’s somewhat surprising departure, and wholly unsurprisingly rising to second place in subscribers in the top three US carriers, but believe it or not, Verizon is now the one viciously attacking its competition.

In an unusual (to say the least) News Center PostBig Red seems to have decided to take off those proverbial gloves after years and years of silent thrusting from a once combative and often overly aggressive ‘Un-carrier’.
In a move very reminiscent of T-Mo’s elaborate and, let’s face it, hilarious “verHIDEzon” campaign from a few years ago, Verizon is clearly trying to generate buzz online with a fairly catchy #TMyths hashtag of itself.
For now, of course, it’s unclear whether we should expect other such “myths” to be busted afterward Verizon’s “review” of a pretty damning timeline for its arch-rival. As Big Red sees it, said arch-rival has repeatedly broken its 2017 promise to include taxes and fees in all its plans in recent years, which is quite hard to dispute.

It’s become abundantly clear lately that T-Mobile is no longer afraid to copy the underhanded tactics and shenanigans of the two airlines that it used to have with “Dumb and Dumber” labels for exactly these kinds of clever solutions around promises or outright false ones. ads .

That said, it’s obviously hard not to see this change in public behavior for Verizon as yet another sign that T-Mobile becomes a absolute force to be reckoned with in the US wireless industry. Doesn’t it also feel a bit like a “pot meets kettle” situation here?

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