Vendors are already working on second-generation OLED displays for future iPads

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Apple has been making iPads for a long time, but even in 2022 we still don’t have one with an OLED screen, which is considered the best in terms of contrast, black level and color rendering. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see an iPad like this again in the future!

At the moment, there are whispers in the street that both LG and Samsung are already planning to provide Apple with 6th-generation OLED display panels for the company’s first OLED iPads. Apple is rumored to launch 11-inch and 12.9-inch models of said iPads sometime in 2024.

A recent report from the Elec claims that Samsung Display would likely be able to mass-produce Gen 8.5 OLED panels by the end of 2024 to aim for Apple’s second-generation OLED iPad. However, it is not yet certain whether the supplier will actually go along with this. That decision would come at the end of July. †via 9to5Mac

The report ties in nicely with a previous report from the same source, which claims Samsung Display may want to invest more in 8.5 OLED panels as Apple adopts the technology more widely.

Anyway, an OLED iPad from Apple is more likely than not. Currently, the Cupertino company is the only major tablet manufacturer to use mini-LED display technology, albeit exclusively for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

That said, renowned display analyst Ross Young recently said in a tweet that even Apple would soon start using OLED screens on more devices than just its iPhones. He says the technology will improve greatly in the coming years “thanks to tandem stacks, phosphorescent blue emitters, etc.” Costs are also expected to drop significantly.

For now, it’s pretty unlikely that we’ll see an iPad with an OLED screen this or even next year, but 2024 could finally be the year Apple introduced the first generation in its tablet lineup.

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