UScellular offers any phone of any brand to new and existing customers for free

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UScellular does what few other US carriers have done before. New from today and suitable for upgrade US cellular customers will have the opportunity to get any phone, of any color and size, from any brand for free.

As with all great deals, there are some requirements you need to meet if you want to take advantage of them Offer from UScellular† First, it requires a smartphone purchase through a 36-month installment contract, a postpaid service plan, and paperless billing. UScellular also mentions that the phone is paid for through 36 monthly credits (credit varies) and trade-ins may be required.

In related news, the fourth largest airline in the United States previously announced that all of its plans — postpaid, prepaid, Home Internet and Business — are price-protected. This means that UScellular guarantees that the price of a customer’s tariff plan will not increase regardless of which plan they have until at least the end of 2023.

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