Update to Bixby makes it faster and easier to answer some Samsung Galaxy phones hands-free

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Samsung refuses to abandon its Bixby digital assistant and let it be on its phones, even though it’s barely used. For the most part, Google Assistant, which is of course available on Samsung’s handsets, has more capabilities than Samsung’s Bixby. The manufacturer has long since given up on Bixby becoming a legitimate challenger to the three major assistants, namely Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.

Part of the reason for that is that while Google Assistant can be used on most Android handsets, Bixby’s use is limited to Samsung devices. The bottom line is that Bixby is still alive, if not well, and SamMobile reports that a new update to the digital assistant makes it easier for owners of Samsung handsets to answer their ringing phone without picking up the device.

This update brings Bixby to version and allows a user to verbally accept an incoming phone call by saying “accept call” without having to initiate the command with the
“Hello Bixby” wake phrase. In other words, once your Samsung handset starts to ring, you can say “accept call” to answer the phone without touching it.

The same goes for an alarm you set on your Samsung phone. Instead of ‘Hi Bixby. Having to say “Stop the alarm” will turn it off by simply saying “Stop the alarm” without using the wake-up phrase. At the moment, this feature is available on the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The update is also being prepared for release on other Samsung phones, although Sammy hasn’t said so yet. which models will receive it.

The new Bixby feature is available in English and Korean. To activate it, go to Bixby SettingsTurn on Talk to Bixby without waking up

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Google added Quick Phrases to the Google Assistant this year, starting with the next-generation version of the virtual helper first found in the Pixel 6 series. Saying “Stop” to a ringing alarm without using the “Hey Google” wake-up phrase will stop the alarm, while saying “Snooze” will snooze an alarm. By saying “Answer” or “Reject” you can handle an incoming call without touching your phone.

The Bixby update also includes bug fixes and performance improvements for the digital assistant, Bixby Dictation, and Bixby Wakeup. All these updates can be installed via the Galaxy Store.

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