Update coming to Google Camera app brings material changes, no frequent faces

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The Camera app on Pixel handsets, also known as the Google Camera app, is getting an update to version 8.6. We can immediately say that the update will not add great new camera features. This update is more about the look of the Pixel Camera app when it opens. The update adds some Material You features and other tweaks to the user interface.

Let’s start with the carousel at the bottom of the app. By sliding it to the left, the modes tab. When that tab is selected, the Google Camera app 8.6 places the Panorama, Photo Sphere, and Lens buttons together in a gray rectangular box. No problem. But as you can see from the image accompanying this article, after installing the updated version of the app, the buttons now change color thanks to the Dynamic Color feature that adapts icons and other key elements to the main hue of the wallpaper being displayed. . used on the phone.
9to5Google was the first to notice the changes, noting that the buttons were also placed a little lower on the screen to make them easier to reach for those with small fingers. The update was spotted on a Pixel 4a running Android 13.

At this point, it appears that the update has not yet been widely distributed and has not been made widely available through the Google Play Store. You can check your Pixel to see when the update comes in by opening the Google Play Store. Once the Android app marketplace opens, tap the profile picture in the top right corner and tap Manage apps and devices. The screen will show if you have any apps that have received an update.

Click “view details” to see a list of the pending updates and search for Google Camera. When you see the app in the list, tap the word “Update” in the pane on the right. And that should get you to Google Camera 8.6.

We should point out that the update does not enable the “Frequent Faces” camera feature that Google was recently disabled due to a bug. “Frequent Faces” debuted in 2019 on the Pixel 4 series and recognizes faces you’ve photographed or recorded on video. It recommends improvements you can make to photos of people who often star in your videos and photos.

Google has removed “Frequent Faces” as we noted above, but plans to bring it back in a future update. Google has not stated a specific date for the feature’s return.

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