UK: Vodafone donates half a million connections in an effort to “close the digital divide”

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In the 21st century, connection is almost becoming an essential good. Being online is intertwined with our lives – professionally, for study or personally. And as the cost of living is currently rising, Vodafone has pledged to provide 1,000,000 connections to people in the UK who are currently unable to afford it. The airline has just reached the 50% milestone, meaning it has already donated 500,000 connections thanks to the network of partners who bear the costs. The plans offered include free texting and calling and 20 GB of data per month, completely free, for 6 months.

The program is called “everyone.connected” and tries to “close the gap” between those who have easy access to the Internet and those who don’t.

Vodafone is not alone in this struggle. Virgin mediaO2 also has increased the amount of data she donates through her National Database initiative (in collaboration with the Good Things Foundation). Like Vodafone’s program, the O2 network offers 20 GB of data per month to those affected by the cost of living, all for free. Currently, VM O2 has given away 50,000 SIM cards and 10,000 vouchers to those who qualify.

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