Two popular Android series suffer from annoying bugs

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Some bugs are reported for some phone models that are still very much in use. The first phones with a problem belong to the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, which includes the Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra and S21 FE (Fan Edition). After installing the June monthly security patch update for these models, a major bug developed and described by users of these phones in Samsung’s American Community Forum

After the June update, some Galaxy S21 series devices can no longer receive or send phone calls and texts

The Galaxy S21 models are having problems sending and receiving calls and text messages (text) because this message on the Samsung Community Website states: “After the June 2022 update, I usually can’t send SMS anymore. Every now and then I can send them. I can receive SMS just fine, I can also make calls. I also get very erratic data connection which I think is related I have tried resetting network settings, clearing partition cache, removing and reinserting SIM card etc. After the June update I received a message saying SIM card or network provider has been updated.From there it went downhill 99.99% sure this has to do with the update. Any ideas?”

Another The owner of the Samsung Galaxy S21 wrote a very succinct post: “The same thing happened to me. Idk what the issues are, but there is something incomplete in their update that they pushed to us.” Another brief call for help came from this message, “I can’t make or receive calls on my device.” The good news is that there is a workaround although it may involve a factory reset.
A Samsung Care Ambassador with the handle bill-e writes that Galaxy S21 series users should first verify that their handset is not in airplane mode (which would disable the radios in the handset). Another user goes on to the next step: “If you have service and Airplane mode isn’t enabled and you’ve had the phone for a while, do a factory reset.”

Normally those are two words we don’t like to hear said together. The user added: “This will make your phone look like it’s the first day, but you’ll keep the latest updates. Your phone will be fast again. Beware of losing all your photo and text messages, so back it up -up before doing this.” Perhaps a less drastic solution will come from Sammy.

on reddit, it’s more of a bug that some users of the Pixel 6 series saw disappear with one of the recent monthly updates. Others still have the problem after installing the July update. What is this error? It is one that freezes the screen when viewing a website, preventing the user from using the multitask gestures or swiping the site from the screen to close it. The haptic vibration can still be felt, but the page does not move.

Some Pixel 6 users have been dealing with this for a while

One Redditor with the “PeanutButterWolf” handle says that’s the only problem he’s experienced on his Pixel 6. He says, “Yeah, I know, it’s my only problem with this payphone. Otherwise, it was perfect. I can can’t believe this stupid bug is still there. It’s unfortunate that it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention for what Google is going to do about it. It makes me mad.”
It could be that Google is still working on this. It seems that the problem is mentioned on the Google problem tracker noting the experience of a Pixel 6 series user saying, “It happens in almost every app. I trigger a gesture to either go to the multitask screen, or go back to the home screen or my phone.” and at random times’ I’ll often hang or freeze. I feel the haptic that confirms the action was done, but the screen just freezes, so I’m stuck waiting for what’s going on, to fix itself.”

Hopefully, Google will release an update soon to fix this issue. A confession: The bug has been affecting this writer’s Pixel 6 Pro since the July update.

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