Twitter just experienced a major outage

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Don’t panic if you don’t have access to Twitter. The problem is not your internet connection or your phone. Apparently Twitter just had some sort of outage and was offline for about an hour for everyone. The downtime impacted the web version of Twitter and its mobile apps. The web version showed an error message and the mobile apps showed an in-app notification that the latest Tweets could not be loaded. According to Down detector – a platform that shows the status of various websites and services in real time – sometime around 8:00 a.m. Eastern Time, Twitter users started reporting that they were unable to connect. However, just a few minutes ago, all the error messages that the social media platform showed disappeared and it now works without any problems. So you can access Twitter again on your iPhone, Android phone or via your favorite web browser. Social media has not yet issued a statement and there is currently no information about the cause of the Twitter outage. If so, we’ll let you know what compelled Twitter to take a short nap. The last time Twitter experienced such a dramatic problem was in February. At the time, the social media platform said in a statement that the root of the issue was a “technical bug that had a brief impact on how tweets loaded for people on Twitter.”

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