Twitter is testing the “Liked by author” label on tweeted comments

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Elon Musk could have temporarily put its takeover of Twitter on hold, but that didn’t stop the social media platform from continuing to make changes to spice up the app. TechCrunch discovered a new label on the Android Twitter app that pops up when the author of a tweet “likes” a response to his post. TechCrunch says it has learned from Twitter that the company is testing various labels.
Once the author of a tweet “likes” a reply sent in response to that tweet, the reply will receive a badge with a heart followed by the words “the author”. It indicates that the person responsible for the original tweet liked the reply. The badge can be viewed by the person who posted the reply and others viewing the original post and replies. It’s not clear if this will be a global response, but so far there have been reports that the “Loved by Author” label has been seen in multiple countries.

The label is similar to the “Liked by creator” badge that appears on TikTok when a subscriber who has created a video in the app likes a comment someone has posted about it. The new label would allow Twitter subscribers to brag when their tweet has been “liked” by a celebrity. And if there’s one thing Twitter is full of, it’s celebrities.

The company is playing musical chairs with employees in the wake of Musk’s $44 billion bid for the social media site. And now Musk is concerned that he is paying too much for Twitter; with the number of users potentially lower than what the company has previously acknowledged, even the richest man in the world must make sure not to overpay for his purchase.

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