TSMC will mass-produce 3nm Apple M2 Pro this year; why iPhone 15 Pro is the model to wait for

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At WWDC on Monday, Apple unveiled the sequel to its M1 chip, the M2. Apple will once again rely on the world’s largest foundry, TSMC, to build the part using a 5nm process node (more on that later). The M2 offers 18% faster CPU performance than the M1 and the new 10 core GPU delivers 35% better graphics.

Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu released some notes to clients that were reviewed by: 9to5Mac† Pu says TSMC is expected to begin building the M2 Pro chipset for Apple later this year using the foundry’s 3nm process node. The lower the process node, the higher the number of transistors that can fit in a chip. And that is important, because the greater the number of transistors in a chip, the more powerful and energy-efficient that chip is.
Pu also had something to tell his customers about Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset. The analyst says the device will be unveiled next year before the Chinese New Year (which happens to fall on January 22) and will go into mass production the following month. The mixed reality headset will feature Virtual Reality, immersing users in an imaginary environment.

The other reality that makes up AR is Augmented Reality. This is when a real-world video feed is overlaid with data. A good example of AR is the Pokemon GO video game in which live real-world video is overlaid with overlays showing the location of hidden Pokemon.

The headset will reportedly come with as many as 15 cameras, 4K micro-OLED displays and the ability to track eye movements and hand gestures. Pu also had something to say about the iPhone; he believes that Apple will debut its own 5G modem design with the 2023 iPhone 15. That same year, Pu expects the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max to have a periscope lens for enhanced optical zoom capabilities.

We don’t know if the analyst mentioned this in his notes, but the iPhone 15 line may be the first to have a USB-C port that replaces the Lightning port. If you don’t feel like budgeting for an iPhone purchase every year, you may want to put off your next iPhone purchase until the iPhone 15 is released in 2023. We could be looking at a major redesign for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max device by then.

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