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The original Top Gun is a divisive film. Depending on who you ask, Tony Scott’s action classic is a superficial tale of exaggerated chauvinism or a time-defining military metaphor. Regardless of which camp you end up in, though, it’s hard to question the film’s lasting impact on both Western cinema and American culture in general (lest we forget the $357 million it earned at the box office, a amount of over $900 million in today’s money).

Paramount Pictures started ideas for a sequel more than a decade ago, though plans were reportedly hampered by Scott’s untimely death in 2012. Fortunately, producer Jerry Bruckheimer swore he and lead actor Tom Cruise “wouldn’t stop” until a new Top. Gun project saw the light of day and the confirmed involvement of Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski in 2017 finally got the ball rolling for those long-cherished ambitions.

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