This is our most detailed view yet of all four key Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 colors

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As we’ve come to expect in recent years, the next big things from Samsung have virtually no big surprises with a few weeks to go before they actually happen. scheduled to become official.

Reserve the beautiful Galaxy Z Flip 4 before it actually sees daylight

Not surprising, that’s exactly what Giznext publishes today in collaboration with star leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer (perhaps better known for his Back to the Future references among the @OnLeaks Twitter handle), and while these full-featured, high-quality images don’t reveal anything shocking, groundbreaking, or previously unknown, they’re certainly a good way to captivate potential Galaxy Z Flip 4 buyers and be ready to spend $999 and up. for a familiar design with a revised interior.

Four main colors pictured, many other combinations in the pipeline

  • Graphite (aka black)
  • Pink gold (or plain gold)
  • Bora Purple (translated: purple purple, double purple, or…true purple)
  • Blue (more like light blue)

With all four models in all their glory from every angle above, we won’t blame you if you’re a little underwhelmed by the overall style and appearance of a device whose looks are far more important than the Galaxy. S22 Ultra, for example.

But before you go from underwhelmed to disappointed, remember: This year’s Bespoke program is expected to take customization to a whole new level with over 1,000 (yes, a thousand) color combinations available with little to no effort and hopefully minimal delay. Of those (somewhat) different 1,000+ versions, Samsung is reportedly planning to push the following five particularly aggressively, based on rumblings in the supply chain:
  • Black/green/green
  • Gold/yellow/white
  • Gold/Yellow/Yellow
  • Silver/navy/navy
  • silver/white/white

Of course, the 5G-enabled Z Flip 4 is designed to grab attention and turn heads even in the most “basic” four flavors, all of which have a small black section on the back to give a beautiful and premium two-tone style. even as far as the Graphite model is concerned. This section features the two seemingly unchanged rear cameras that are expected to settle for the same 12-megapixel count as the Z Flip 3’s dual cameras.

What else can you expect from the Galaxy Z Flip 4?

Since there’s not much else to say about the design of this clamshell-style Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 powerhouse, which is essentially identical to last year’s Snapdragon 888-based Z Flip 3, we probably need to go back to a few. of the juiciest recent (and semi-recent) rumored specs and features to ramp up your excitement for the fast-approaching Unpacked launch event.

Perhaps the most exciting Z Flip 4 upgrade over its good but certainly not perfect predecessor is a 3,700mAh or so battery that will somehow be squeezed into what arguably looks like a fairly thin body. Thicker than the The Z Flip 3’s frame, of course, but probably not much.

Then you have a slightly larger 2.1-inch cover display that supports an unmodified 6.7-inch primary Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with a resolution of 2640 x 1080 pixels and 120Hz refresh rate, and believe it or not, a good old-fashioned charger in the box… in certain markets, at least. How’s that for an upgrade in 2022?

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