This is by far Amazon’s best Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ deal yet

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While Android tablets have undeniably come a long way in recent years in everything from raw power to productivity and versatility, global sales reports and industry experts suggest that many people are hesitant to spend more than a few hundred dollars on high-quality models not made by Apple.

Priced at $700 and up, for example, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 family should have turned out to be a decidedly tough sell, but according to the company itself, that is… not really the case. Immediately the demand for Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra appeared: the supply far outstripped the supply, and when the two measures of a product’s success finally aligned, the deals and discounts started to come.

Oddly enough, Amazon didn’t cut the prices of these Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 powerhouses much during its Prime Day 2022 festivities earlier this month, randomly taking a cool $145 or so off the $899.99 MSRP of the 128GB Galaxy Tab S8+. at this time was deleted instead.

As far as we know, this beats any previous outright discount offered by the ecommerce giant and even Samsung itself on the 12.4-inch iPad Pro (2021) rivals, although the maker of the device likes to routinely throw in free stuff like earbuds and other accessories, which can technically maximize your savings.
There was also that absolutely insane (and even more random) deal from Woot, which happens to be owned by Amazon, although predictably enough, it didn’t last long.
You may not have much time to get WiFi on your own Tab S8 Plus for 16 percent less than usual now also in a silver color option, with an ever-handy S Pen included of course at no extra cost, the aforementioned state-of-the-art Qualcomm chipset paired with quite a few 8GB of RAM, a huge 10,090mAh battery capable of blazing 45W charging, somehow squeezed into a 5.7mm thin package, and a stunning 120Hz Super AMOLED display that puts the finishing touches to a simply impressive spec sheet .

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