This Crazy New Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Deal With LTE Might Be The Best Ever

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Despite its relatively young age, fairly solid reviews, presumably decent sales, and what is? becomes an underwhelming (to say the least) sequel on the horizon, the Galaxy Watch 4 is almost always discounted these days.

Of course, the listed discounts vary wildly from retailer to retailer and occasion to occasion, for example, with a record $100, recently slashed the $300 list price of an LTE-compatible 40mm version of Woot with a full 1-year warranty included.
Believe it or not, the exact same e-tailer owned by Amazon is now outdoing itself, charging even $120 less than usual for 24 hours for the same Galaxy Watch 4 mobile model in your choice of black, silver, or rose gold colors.
We are again talking about brand new, unused, unopened and undamaged units, mind you, specially designed for the US market and backed by a standard warranty fulfilled by none other than Samsung. For $179.99, this Wear OS-powered villain offers everything from potentially life-changing ECG technology to old-fashioned 24/7 heart rate monitoring, in-depth sleep tracking and body composition analysis alongside standalone 4G LTE connectivity.
In other words, you’re looking at an undeniably awesome Apple Watch Series 7 alternative (for Android users) with a big and beautiful Super AMOLED touchscreen also in tow and an arguably slim and sporty waterproof design. Admittedly, the battery life isn’t exactly great and if you’re a fan of Samsung’s iconic rotating bezel, you’ve got to hit the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.
Then again, the Galaxy Watch 5 and even the The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is unlikely to come with that handy navigation feature, and as for the previous model, we don’t expect it also much of a battery durability upgrade. In short, we see no real reason to turn down this great new Woot deal if you like Android-compatible smartwatches that can make and receive voice calls on their own.

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